PVC butterfly valve

PVC butterfly valve is plastic butterfly valve. Plastic butterfly valve has strong corrosion resistance, wide application range, wear resistance, easy disassembly and easy maintenance. It is suitable for water, air, oil and corrosive chemical liquid. The valve body structure adopts neutral line type. Classification of plastic butterfly valve: handle type plastic butterfly valve, worm gear type plastic butterfly valve, pneumatic plastic butterfly valve, electric plastic butterfly valve.


The plastic butterfly valve adopts PTFE lined butterfly plate with spherical sealing surface. The valve has light operation, tight sealing performance and long service life. It can be used for quick cut-off or flow regulation. It is suitable for the occasions requiring reliable sealing and good regulating characteristics. The valve body adopts the split type, and the sealing at both ends of the valve shaft is controlled by adding fluorine rubber to the rotating base surface between the butterfly plate and the valve seat to ensure that the valve shaft does not contact with the fluid medium in the cavity. It is widely used in the transportation of liquid and gas (including steam) in various types of industrial pipelines, and in the use of severe corrosive media, such as sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, chlorine, strong alkali, aqua regia and other highly corrosive media.


Plastic butterfly valve is used in many fields. The product performance of electric plastic butterfly valve is summarized as follows:

1. The valve body of the plastic butterfly valve only needs the minimum installation space, and the working principle is simple and reliable;

2. It can be used for regulating or on-off control;

3. The valve body of plastic butterfly valve is matched with standard raised face pipe flange;

4. Superior economic performance makes butterfly valve the most widely used industry;

5. The plastic butterfly valve has great flow capacity, and the pressure loss through the valve is very small;

6. The valve body of plastic butterfly valve has remarkable economy, especially for larger diameter butterfly valve;

7. Plastic butterfly valve is especially suitable for liquid and gas with clean medium.


Characteristics of PVC butterfly valve

1. Compact and beautiful appearance.

2. The body is light and easy to install.

3. It has strong corrosion resistance and wide application range.

4. The material is hygienic and nontoxic.

5. Wear resistant, easy to disassemble, easy to maintain.

Post time: Feb-16-2023