Lab Juice/dairy Pilot Production Line

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The pilot line completely simulates the industrial production. It can produce several types of market products, i.e. fruit juice, fruit pulp and puree, juice beverage, whole milk, skimmed milk and standardized milk of various fat contents.

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It is manufactured to meet the requirements of farms, small enterprise, universities, institutes, enterprises and their R&D department with production capacity of 20L/H---1000L/H. End product package can be plastic pouches, plastic cups, plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc. Worth mentioning, the production technology is designed differently depend on different end product and package type.


1. Especially suitable for specialized household, farms and laboratories.

2. We can supply complete processing plants as well as single machines or sigle function to meet specific requirements.

3. Main structure is SUS 304 and SUS316L stainless steel.

4. Combined Italian technology and conform to Euro-standard.

5. Completely simulation of industrial production. All the experimental parameters can be enlarged to industrial production.

6. Multi-application: It can be not only used for teaching all production process for students, but also used for making sample, tasting test of new product, researching of product formulation, formula update, evaluation of product color, etc.

7. Flexible use in practice and key equipment independence: the key equipments can be used in the whole line also can be used independently.

8. Low production capacity design: save the consumption of raw material consumption at one batch. 

9. Complete functions to meet your actual requirment.

10. Independent Siemens or Omron control system. Separate control panel, PLC and human machine interface.

Product Showcase

dairy pilot plant01
dairy pilot plant02
dairy pilot plant05
dairy pilot plant06
dairy pilot plant07
dairy pilot plant08

Independent Control System Adheres to Easyreal's Design Philosophy

1. Realization of automatic control of material delivery and signal conversion.

2. High degree of automation, minimize the number of operators on the production line.

3. All electrical components are international first-class top brands, to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment operation;

4. In the process of production, man-machine interface operation is adopted. The operation and state of the equipment are completed and displayed on the touch screen.

5. The equipment adopts linkage control to automatically and intelligently respond to possible emergencies.

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