Fruit Juice Vacuum Deaerator Vacuum Degasser

Short Description:

The vacuum deaerator and degasser is specialized in removing small air bubble from liquid material, and improve quality of milk, juice and beverage. The material enters into inlet and forms thin umbrella shape, which enlarge available area, enforce small bubble separated and evacuated under vacuum negative pressure condition. To avoid active ingredient loss, a secondary steam saver makes the materials condensed and returned back to tank, which keep best flavor and good quality. Liquid level is automatically adjusted by level controller, and ensures enough volume left in tank.

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1. Improve quality of milk, juice and pulp.

2. It is mainly used for degassing the juice under vacuum condition and to prevent the juice from being oxidized and then to extend the storing period of the juice or beverage.

3. The vacuum deaerator and degasser is one of the necessary equipment in fruit juice and fruit pulp and milk production line.


Vacuum pump.

Discharge pump.

Differential pressure level sensor.

Stainless steel thermometer.

Pressure gauge.

safety valve, etc.

Technical Parameters




Capacity: Liter/h



Working vacuum:




Power: KW



Dimension: mm

1000 × 1200× 2900

1200 × 1500× 2900

Above for reference, you have a wide choice depend on actual need.

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