Sus304 Stainless Steel Mango Processing Production Line

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MANGO IS ONE OF THE MAJOR TROPICAL FRUIT. Because of its delicate flesh and unique flavor, mango is very popular and known as the “king of tropical fruit” fishery. Several products can be producrd from fresh mango. By packaging-type the global market is segmented into, cans, carton packaging, bottles and pouches, and aseptic bags in drum.

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The mango production line is combining Italian technology and conforming to Euro-standard. Due to our continuous development and integration with international companies like STEPHAN Germany, OMVE Netherlands, Rossi & Catelli Italy, etc, Easyreal Tech. has formed its unique and beneficial characters in design and process technology. Thanks to our much experience over 100 whole lines, Easyreal TECH. can offer production lines with different capacity and customizations including plant construction, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and production.

Complete line for mango processing, to obtain mango paste, mango beverage. We design, manufacture and supply complete processing line including:
–-Washing and Sorting line with water filtering system.
–-Destoning and pulp Refining.
–-Forced circulation continuous evaporators, simple effect or multi effect, completely controlled by PLC.
–-Aseptic filling line complete with Tube in Tube Aseptic Sterilizer specifically designed for high viscous products and Aseptic Filling Heads for aseptic bags of various sizes, completely controlled by PLC.

---CIP cleaning system. Independent siemens control system, completely controlled by PLC.

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Easyreal TECH. can offer complete production lines with daily capacity from 20tons to 1500tons and customizations including plant construction, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and production.

Several products can be produce from using mango processing line:

1. Mango pulp

2. Mango puree

3. Mango juice

4. Concentrate (pulp and juice)

5. Mango beverage


1. Main structure is SUS 304 and SUS316L stainless steel.

2. Combined Italian technology and conform to Euro-standard.

3. Special design for saving energy (energy recovery) to increase the energy utilization and greatly reduce production cost.

4. Semi-automatic and fully automatic system available for choice.

5. The end product quality is excellent.

6. High productivity, flexible production, the line can be customized depend on actual need from customers.

7. Low-temperature vacuum evaporation greatly reduces the flavor substances and nutrient losses.

8. Fully automatic PLC control fro choice to reduce the labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

9. Independent Siemens or Omron control system to monitor each processing stage. Separate control panel, PLC and human machine interface.

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Mango machine (1)
Mango machine (3)
Mango machine (6)
Mango machine (2)
Mango machine (4)
Mango machine (5)

Independent Control System Adheres to Easyreal's Design Philosophy

1. Realization of automatic control of material delivery and signal conversion.

2. High degree of automation, minimize the number of operators on the production line.

3. All electrical components are international first-class top brands, to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment operation;

4. In the process of production, man-machine interface operation is adopted. The operation and state of the equipment are completed and displayed on the touch screen.

5. The equipment adopts linkage control to automatically and intelligently respond to possible emergencies.

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