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The CIP cleaning system is necessary in juice and beverage and milk processing line. installed on a frame and supporter which is easy for transportation especially exporting; The operating principle of the full auto CIP cleaning system means that the tank body, pipelines, pumps and all valves and also the whole processing line are cleaned on line no need to disconnect the pipes or the equipments, all cleanings are done at the closed circuit.

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Standard Configuration

1. Independent Siemens control system and man-machine interface monitoring operating .

2. CIP cleaning liquid storage tanks (include acid tank, alkali tank, hot water tank, clear water tank);

3. Acid tank and alkali tank.

4. CIP forward pump and return self-priming pump.

5. USA ARO iaphragm pumps for acid/alkali concentrate.

6. Heat exchanger (plate or tubular type).

7. UK Spirax Sarco steam valves.

8. Germany IFM Flow Switch.

9. Germany E+H Hygienic measuring system for conductivity and concentration (optional).


1. Manual CIP station.

2. Semi-automatic CIP station.

3. Automatic CIP station system.

The Control System Adheres to Easyreal's Design Philosophy

1. High degree of automation, minimize the number of operators on the production line.

2. All electrical components are international first-class top brands, to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment operation;

3. In the process of production, man-machine interface operation is adopted. The operation and state of the equipment are completed and displayed on the touch screen.

4. The equipment adopts linkage control to automatically and intelligently respond to possible emergencies;

Product Showcase

Steam valve group (1)
Steam valve group (2)

Introduction of Standard Control Syatems

The CIP cleaning system is equipped with independent control system. The control system adopts the PLC program to control, with the colored touch-screen to operate and display the whole process flow and also the each controlling parameter. The temperature of the cleaning liquid can be installed. On the touch screen, you can set the pH value, the cleaning time, cleaning sequence , and also the refluence PH value.

1. Automation control of liquid level of CIP cleaning liquid storage tank.

2. Automation control of the flow of cleaning liquid.

3. Automatically regulate the temperature of the cleaning liquid.

4. Automatically compensate for the inside tank liquid level.

5. Automatically compensatefor the acid and alkali to Acid tank and alkali tank.

6.Automatically transfer from one cleaning liquid to another.

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