8000LPH Falling Film Type Evaporator Loading Site

Falling film evaporator delivery site was successfully completed recently. The entire production process went smoothly, and now the company is ready to arrange the delivery to the customer. The delivery site has been carefully prepared, ensuring a seamless transition from production to transportation. The accompanying picture showcases the location where the evaporator will be loaded onto the delivery vehicle, demonstrating the EasyReal company's commitment to efficient and reliable service.

This particular evaporator has been designed specifically for orange juice concentration. With a capacity of 8000LPH, it is a three-effect five-stage type with CIP function and SIP function, making it highly efficient in condensing the juice. Falling film evaporators are particularly suitable for juice concentration since they allow for a gentle treatment of the product. This ensures that the final product will retain its full taste and nutritional value, satisfying the demands of customers who prioritize quality.

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Falling film evaporator-2

The falling film evaporator's ability to concentrate juice makes it a valuable asset in the food processing industry. Such as concentrated apple juice production line. By removing a significant amount of water content from the juice, it increases the product's shelf life and allows for easier storage and transportation. This concentration process also enhances the juice's flavor and aroma, elevating its sensory appeal to consumers. Additionally, the evaporator offers high heat transfer efficiency, reducing energy consumption and making it an environmentally friendly choice for juice manufacturers.

In conclusion, the installation and delivery of the 8000LPH falling film evaporator mark a significant milestone for the company. With its focus on juice concentration, this three-effect five-stage evaporator is designed to meet the specific needs of juice manufacturers. Its gentle treatment and efficient juice extraction ensure a high-quality end product. As the industry continues to evolve, the falling film evaporator's capabilities and energy efficiency position it as a valuable asset for companies seeking optimized juice processing solutions.

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EasyReal can also supply Forced circulation type evaporator, Plate type evaporator. For high viscosity product, forced circulation type evaporator often is equipped in tomato paste production line. If you want to concentrate coconut water, plate type evaporator is necessary. 

Post time: Sep-19-2023