Multi Effect Forced Circulation Evaporator

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EasyReal Company manufactured the professional continuous Vacuum Evaporation system; we also design and manufacture the evaporators depend on different products and customers’ requirements.

Viscous liquids or products with suspended solids like fruit and vegetable pulp is pumped through the vertical or horizontal heating elements and circulates in the system under pressure.

The evaporator main structure is SUS 304 or SUS316l stainless steel, which is composed of tubular heater, vacuum evaporating chamber, Condensate pump, pumps (product recycle pump, feed & outlet pump, vacuum pump, water pump), PLC auto control system, man-machine interface, valves, Instrumentation and gauges, operating platform etc.

According to different capacity, we have single-effect evaporator, double-effect evaporator, triple-effect evaporator and multi-effect evaporator for choice.

We can manufacture the evaporating capacity from 500L to 35000L/hour according to customers’ requirements.

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1. Independent Siemens control system.

2. Main structure is SUS304 stainless steel or SUS316L stainless steel.

3. Combined Italian technology and confirm to Euro-standard.

4. Running stably, high efficiency.

5. Low energy consumption, design for saving steam.

6. High heat transfer coefficient.

7. High evaporation intensity.

8. Short flow passing time and high operating elasticity.

9. Articulated in a wide range of potentialities which fulfills all possible market requests,


Single effect unit.

Double effect units.

Triple effect units.

Quadruple effect units.


It is especially suitable for evaporation, concentration of Viscous liquids or products with suspended solids like fruit and vegetable pulp, like:

Tomato paste, tomato pulp, carrot paste, apple paste,aiprcot paste, etc.

The Control System Adheres to Easyreal's Design Philosophy

1. High degree of automation, minimize the number of operators on the production line.

2. All electrical components are international first-class top brands, to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment operation;

3. In the process of production, man-machine interface operation is adopted. The operation and state of the equipment are completed and displayed on the touch screen.

4.The equipment adopts linkage control to automatically and intelligently respond to possible emergencies;

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