Analysis, judgment and elimination of six common faults of newly installed electric butterfly valve

Electric butterfly valve is the main control butterfly valve in the production process automation system, and it is an important execution unit of field instrument. If the electric butterfly valve breaks down in operation, the maintenance personnel must be able to quickly analyze and judge the cause of the failure, and correctly eliminate it, so as to ensure that the production will not be affected.
The following is our experience, summed up six kinds of electric butterfly valve common faults and cause analysis, troubleshooting, for your reference in the maintenance work.

One of the fault phenomena: the motor doesn't work.

Possible causes:

1. The power line is disconnected;

2. The control circuit is faulty;

3. The travel or torque control mechanism is out of order.

Corresponding solutions:

1. Check the power line;

2. Remove the line fault;

3. Remove the fault of travel or torque control mechanism.

Fault phenomenon 2: the rotation direction of the output shaft does not meet the requirements.

Possible cause analysis: the phase sequence of power supply is reversed.

Corresponding elimination method: replace any two power lines.
Fault phenomenon 3: motor overheating.

Possible causes:

1. Continuous working time is too long;

2. One phase line is disconnected.

Corresponding elimination methods:

1. Stop running to cool the motor;

2. Check the power line.
Fault phenomenon 4: the motor stops running.

Possible cause analysis:

1. butterfly valve failure;

2. electric device overload, torque control mechanism action.

Corresponding elimination methods:

1. Check the butterfly valve;

2. Increase the setting torque.
Fault phenomenon 5: the motor does not stop running or the light does not light up after the switch is in place.

Possible causes:

1. The stroke or torque control mechanism is faulty;

2. The stroke control mechanism is not adjusted properly.

Corresponding elimination methods:

1. Check the stroke or torque control mechanism;

2. Readjust the stroke control mechanism.
Fault phenomenon 6: there is no valve position signal in the distance.

Possible causes:

1. potentiometer gear set screw loose;

2. remote potentiometer failure.

Corresponding Troubleshooting:

1. Tighten the potentiometer gear set screw;

2. Check and replace the potentiometer.
The electric butterfly valve is controlled by the electric device, which is safe and reliable. It has double limit, overheat protection and overload protection. It can be centralized control, remote control and on-site control. There are different types of electric devices, such as intelligent type, regulating type, switch type and integral type, to meet the different control requirements of production process.

The built-in module of electric butterfly valve adopts advanced single chip microcomputer and intelligent control software, which can directly receive 4-20mA DC standard signal from industrial instruments, and realize intelligent control and precise positioning protection of valve plate opening.

Post time: Feb-16-2023