Quad-tube Sterilizers for Paste and Puree

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Quad-tube Sterilizer for Paste and Puree is suitable to heat and cool the liquid not corrosive to the stainless steel, especially for the high viscosity. So it was usually considered as an ideal sterilization equipment of paste, fruit and vegetable puree, jam or similar fluid and materials.

Quad-tube Sterilizers adopt tube-in-tube design, the first and second layers(from inside to outside) tubes and the outermost layer tubes all go through heat exchange medium (usually superheated water), the product will go through the third layer tube to maximize the heat exchanging area and efficiency, make the temperature even and then thoroughly sterilize the product.


The quad tube sterilizer is independently designed and manufactured by EasyReal TECH., which is the State-certified High-tech Enterprise, located in Shanghai, China.

EasyReal TECH. is a company with both strength and quality. Not only obtained multiple certifications (ISO9001 Quality Certification, SGS certification, CE certification etc.), but also has more than 40 independent intellectual property rights.


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Quad tube pasteurizers
Quad tube pasteurizers


Main working principle of quad-tube sterilizers is pumping product from balance tank to heating section, heating product by superheated water to sterilization temperature and holding, then cooling down product to filling temperature by cooling water.

If required by the characteristics of the product or by the application, the Quadrangle tube sterilizers can be integrated with Deaerator and High-Pressure Homogenizer to realize online Homogenization and deaeration.

The sterilization process can be customized according to the client’s actual needs. EasyReal TECH. has one engineer team with rich project experience over 15 years. If the clients need, EasyReal can also recommend some available sterilization process for the clients’ reference.

Product Background

Due to the poor fluidity of high-viscosity materials, problems such as coking may occur during the sterilization process, affecting product quality. Therefore, in order to completely kill the microorganisms and spores that cause spoilage and greatly retain the original flavor and nutrition of the food, a special Quad-tube sterilizer is needed; the design of the quad-tube increases the heat exchange area, The product can achieve better sterilization effect. This strict processing technology effectively prevents secondary contamination of food and greatly extends the shelf life of the product.


1. Combined Italian technology and conform to Euro-standard.

2. Customized Sterilization Process.

3. Independent Siemens Control System. Separate Control Panel, PLC and Human Machine Interface.

4. Great heat exchange area, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

5. Auto backtrack if not Enough Sterilization.

6. Online SIP & CIP is Available.

7. Liquid level and temp controlled on real time.

8. Main Structure is High Quality SUS304 or SUS316L Stainless Steel.

Standard Accessories

1. Balancing Tank.

2. Product Pump.

3. Superheated Water System.

4. Temperature Recorder.

5. Online CIP and SIP function.

6. Independent Siemens Control System etc.

Quadrangle tube sterilizers
Quad-tube sterilizer




Quad-tube Sterilizers



EasyReal Tech


Automation Degree 

Fully Automatic


Type of Exchanger

Quad-tube heat exchanger


Flow Capacity

100~12000 L/H


Product Pump

High pressure pump


Max. Pressure

20 bar


SIP Function



CIP Function



Inbuilt Homogenization



Inbuilt Vacuum Deaerator



Inline Aseptic Bag Filling  Available


Sterilization Temperature



Outlet Temperature 

Aseptic filling ≤40℃


Apple puree

1. Concentrated Fruit and Vegetable Paste

2. Fruit and Vegetable Puree/Concentrated Puree

3. Fruit Jam

4. Baby Food

5. Other High Viscosity Liquid Products.

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Tube in tube sterilizer

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