Automatic Tube in tube Sterilizer for Fruit/ Vegetable Puree and Paste

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EasyReal ER-TIT Series Tube in tube sterilizer is specially developed for processing different concentrated fruit and vegetable puree and paste, as well as the product with high viscosity. Highly automated Tube-in-tube sterilizer Line adopts the most advanced science and technology. According to actual needs, the Tube in tube sterilization could be customized to allow different products. 

ER-TIT Automatic Tube in tube Sterilizer for Fruit/ Vegetable Puree and Paste is developed by EasyReal Tech. Which is the State-certified High-tech Enterprise located in Shanghai city, China.

EasyReal Tech is well known for supplying different professional solutions of Tube-in-tube sterilizers and Aseptic Bag Filling System to meet actual needs.

EasyReal Tech has obtained ISO9001 Quality Certification, CE Certification, SGS Certification, etc.

After combining with the most advanced science and technology, EasyReal Tech. has developed our own characters on design, and 40+ independent intellectual property rights are occupied. 


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To enable long term storage of processing product with high viscosity, the micro-organisms in products must be deactivated at the end of production chain to extend the shelf-life. This can be achieved by sterilizing or pasteurizing the products by adopting EasyReal ER-TIT Tube in tube sterilizer.

ER-TIT Automatic Tube in tube Sterilizer for Fruit/ Vegetable Puree and Paste adopts the tube-in-tube heat exchange technology with four concentric tubes which is suitable for processing both high viscosity products (like, fruit and vegetable paste & puree) and liquid products with small pieces (like pulp, juice with pieces). The tube-in-tube heat exchange consist of 4 concentric tubes where in the section the central ring runs the product while in the external and internal sections water flows in counter-current.

By combining with the most advanced science and technology, ER-TIT Automatic Tube in tube Sterilizer for Fruit/ Vegetable Puree and Paste occupy several independent intellectual property rights. 

ER-TIT Tube in tube Sterilizer for Fruit/ Vegetable Puree and Paste by EasyReal is based on ultra-heat treatment technology and has a complete hygienic design to give the precise final output. It can be customized to suit varied capacities and a special provision for future capacity expansion too.

Moreover, Tube in tube sterilization for puree and paste could be integrated with an inline high pressure homogenizer, and an inline Vacuum Deaerator, depend on actual needs.

Tube-in-tube sterilizer-2
Tube-in-tube sterilizer


1. Hygienic design

2. Designed to work for 24*7 in 1 week.

3. Easy Operation by adopting PLC Program, Touch Screen and Settable Parameters.

4. Easy Cleaning by the integrated inbuilt CIP Cleaning Station.

5. High-viscosity products up to 10,000 cps

6. High thermal stability of the process

7. Multiple password levels for operator-differentiated access.

8. Wide Range of Applications.

9. Much Flexible Depend on Actual needs.

10. Tube in tube sterilizer with 4 concentric tubes structure.


Tube in tube sterilizer for paste
Tube in tube sterilizer for puree
Tube in tube sterilizer for pulp

1. Fruit and vegetable Paste

2. Fruit and Vegetable Puree

3. Liquid product with small pieces

4. Juice Concentrate

5. Sauce, and Soup

6. Baby puree



Product Name

Tube in tube Sterilizer



EasyReal Tech



International Top Brands


Exchanger Type

Tube-in-tube Heat Exchange


Flow Rate

Up to 12000 l/h


High Pressure Pump



Max. Pressure

20 bar


Inline SIP



Inline CIP



Inbuilt Homogenization



Inbuilt Vacuum Deaerator



Inline Aseptic Filling(BIB, BID. IBC) Optional


Sterilization Temperature



Outlet Temperature 


The lowest could reach ≤10℃ by adopting water chiller

Tube in tube sterilizer -1
Tube in tube sterilizer -2

Key Components

1. Tube-in-tube heat exchange

2. High pressure piston pump

3. Hot water generation system

4. Instrumentation for process condition measurement

5. Control panel PLC

Details of Sample

Tube-in-tube sterilizer line
Tube-in-tube sterilizer -4
Tube in tube sterilizer -2
Tube-in-tube sterilizer -3
Tube in tube sterilizer

With Over 20-year Experience

With over 20-year experience, combined with the most advanced science and technology, EasyReal is considered as the professional manufacturer for supplying ER-TIT Automatic Tube in tube sterilizers for puree and paste, including Aseptic bag fillers. Depend on actual needs, EasyReal Tech could supply automatic and semiautomatic solutions which is easy to use with high quality and reliability.

Warmly welcome global friends come for visit and inspect EasyReal’s Shanghai Factory which is located in Shanghai city, China.

Tube-in-tube sterilizer -3
Tube in tube sterilization

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