High Viscosity Tube-in-tube Sterilizer Line

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High Viscosity Tube-in-tube Sterilizer Line offers high performance and maximum reliability and is tube-in-tube design, which is suitable for processing products with high viscosity and concentration values for subsequent aseptic filling, like tomato paste, fruit jam, pulp, puree and concentrate juice, etc.

High viscosity tube-in-tube sterilizer line is a very competitive product launched by Shanghai EasyReal Machinery Co., Ltd. It adopts Italian technology and conform to European standard.

Shanghai EasyReal Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 2011, which mainly focusing on the turnkey engineering design of the complete fruit and vegetable production lines. Shanghai EasyReal Machinery Co., Ltd has obtained ISO9001 quality certification, CE certification, SGS certification, and State-certified High-tech Enterprise and have 40+ independent intellectual property rights. EasyReal’s products have been recognized by well-known large enterprises at home and abroad.

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High Viscosity Tube-in-tube Sterilizer Line is suitable for high-viscosity products (tomato concentrate, fruit puree concentrate) and small-volume products (fruit pulp, sauces with chunks). It adopts with tube-in-tube design and tube-in-tube heat exchange technology.

The product circulates heat through a concentric tube heat exchanger, which consists of four tubes of gradually decreasing diameter, placed one inside the other. Each module consists of four concentric tubes forming three chambers, with exchange water flowing in the outer and inner chambers and product flowing in the middle chamber. Product flows within the central annular space while heating or cooling fluid circulates counter currents to the product inside the inner and outer jackets. Therefore, the product flows through the ring section and is heated both internally and externally.

-High Viscosity Tube-in-tube Sterilizer Line is equipped with a superheated water preparation and circulation system, using tube bundles and centrifugal pumps, and maintenance equipment for the cooling part, including a cleaning device for the cooling water-wetted surface.

-The mixer (baffle) makes the processed product highly uniform in temperature and minimizes the pressure drop in the circuit. This solution allows better heat penetration into the product, with a larger contact area and shorter residence time, resulting in even, fast processing.

-The cooling tubes are equipped with in-line vapor barriers and controlled by Pt100 probes.

-High Viscosity Tube-in-tube Sterilizer Line is equipped with special flanges and barrier vapor chambers with O-ring gaskets. The modules can be opened for inspection and connected in pairs via a 180° curve that is flanged on one side and welded on the other.

-All surfaces in contact with the product are mirror-polished.

-Product piping is made of AISI 316 and equipped with equipment to control the various stages of operation, CIP product cleaning and SIP Sterilization.

-The Germany Siemens Control System controls the motors as well as the management and control of variables and various cycles via Germany Siemens PLC and touch screen panels.

High-viscosity sterilizer


1.High level fully automated line

2.Suitable for high viscosity products(concentrate paste, sauce, pulp, juice)

3.High heat exchange efficiency

4.Easy to clean line system

5.Online SIP & CIP is Available

6.Easy maintenance and low in Maintenance costs

7.Adopt mirror welding tech and keep the smooth pipe joint

8.Independent Germany Siemens control system




High Viscosity Tube-in-tube Sterilizer Line



Tube-in-tube(Four tubes)


Suitable Product

High viscosity product



100L/H-12000 L/H


SIP Function



CIP Function:



Inline Homogenization



Inline Vacuum Deaerator



Inline Aseptic Filling



Sterilization Temperature



Outlet Temperature


Aseptic Filling usually≤40℃

High Viscosity Tube-in-tube Sterilizer Line-5
High Viscosity Tube-in-tube Sterilizer Line-6
High Viscosity Tube-in-tube Sterilizer Line-4


1. Fruit and vegetable paste and puree

2. Tomato Paste

3. Sauce

4. Fruit pulp

5. Fruit jam.

6. Fruit puree.

7. Concentrate paste, puree, pulp and juice

8.Highest Safety Level.

9.Full Sanitary and Aseptic Design.

10.Energy Saving design with Starting with a minimum batch size of 3 liters.

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