Aseptic Fillers for fruit pulp and juice

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Aseptic Fillers for fruit pulp and juice are widely used in filling fruit and vegetable puree, concentrated tomato paste, concentrated fruit, fruit juice, fruit pulp, etc, which could fill high and low viscosity products, and containing solids product.


Aseptic Fillers for fruit pulp and juice ensure product safety, freshness and quality for up to 1-2 years, maintaining its taste, colour, texture and essential nutritional value.


Aseptic Fillers for fruit pulp and juice could filling 1L-1400L aseptic bags, including aseptic bag in box, flexible aseptic bag, 200 and 220L aseptic bags in drum, 1000L and 1400L aseptic bags in bin, Intermediate Bulk Container(IBC) packaging.

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Today we continue to introduce the double head aseptic fillers.

Double head aseptic fillers can be divided into double head BIB (bag in box) aseptic filers, double head BID aseptic fillers and IBC aseptic fillers in terms of packaging type.

When showing the bag volume, it is usually divided into double head 200 liter aseptic fillers, double head 220 liter aseptic fillers and Double head 1000 liter aseptic fillers.

However, the bag spout size of aseptic bags are generally 1-inch and 2-inch in the international market. Therefore, our machine can fill aseptic bags from 1L to 1400L according to the bag spout.

Double Head Aseptic Fillers consist of two filling heads, separated in the center by the Germany Siemens control system and operator area. On either side of this area, filling heads are located above motorized conveyors for easy entry, exit and placement drums in filling position.

The aseptic filling head is a mobile device that can move vertically to adjust the height of the bag according to the change in weight of the product when it is poured. This vertical movement will avoid tension between the filling head and the bag and improve filling accuracy. The volume of product filling into the bag is controlled by the high-resolution METTLER TOLEDO load cell located on base of the conveyor belt or the high-precision German KROHNE/E+H flow meter on top.

The base of the aseptic filling head consists of one sterilization chamber that is steam sterilized over 95°C. The nozzle of the bag to be filled is introduced into the chamber, where a series of clamps driven by a cylinder remove the lid, fill the aseptic bag and then replace the lid, maintain a sterile environment throughout the entire process. For each critical joint in the filling head mechanism, there is a vapor seal or barrier to ensure sterile conditions throughout the product process. The sterilization process is automated and controlled via temperature sensors, ensuring process efficiency.

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-The control system is equipped with touch screen and interactive interface, which is easy to operate and use.

-It could fill various types of products, capable of filling liquid, viscous and block products, high viscosity products

- Filling of both low pH and high pH products to high quality.

- Sterilize the lid with steam or disinfectant, depending on the product to be processed.

- Easy to clean design, automatic CIP and SIP function..

- The machine is designed to work 24/7.

-Storage of plant history (all process parameters) and personnel interventions.

-Easy to use: One operator can control both machine heads.

-Ensure operator safety. The operator is never in the danger zone at any time.

-It is possible to work with only a single filling head or to carry out maintenance or repair work on one filling head without interrupting the process of the other filling head.

-Adapt to different types according to packaging form: Double head BIB(bag in box) aseptic filers, Double head BID(bag in drum) aseptic fillers and IBC aseptic fillers.

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Shanghai EasyReal Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing fruit and vegetable production lines and key equipment of various aseptic fillers like Double head BIB(bag in box) aseptic filers, Double head BID aseptic fillers and IBC aseptic fillers. EasyReal TECH. provides the European levels’ solution in liquid products and has received widespread praise from customers from both the domestic and overseas. Our machines have already been exported to all over the world including the Asian countries, African countries, South American countries and even European countries. 

Now we have obtained CE certification, ISO9001 quality certification, SGS certification, and have 40+ independent intellectual property rights in the fruit and vegetable processing field.

Thanks to our engineering team has nearly 20+ years of experience and served over 300+ fruit and vegetable processing projects with internationally developed processes with high-cost performance. Our products have won a great reputation at home and abroad!

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-Tomato Paste Concentrate Aseptic Filling

-Fruit Concentrate Aseptic Filling

-Fruit Juice Aseptic Filling

-Fruit Pulp Aseptic Filling

-Fruit Puree Aseptic Filling

-Sauce Aseptic Filling

-Ice Cream Aseptic Filling

-Diced Fruit and vegetable Aseptic Filling

-Low and high acid products

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