Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor

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Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor is a compact and efficient system that replicates high-temperature short-time (HTST) and ultra-high-temperature (UHT) processing for laboratory-scale applications. This versatile equipment is ideal for small-scale processing of food and beverage products, allowing researchers and developers to test and optimize formulations, conduct shelf-life studies, and evaluate product characteristics.

Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor is equipped with precise temperature control and accurate flow rates, leading to reliable and repeatable processing conditions. With its user-friendly interface and flexibility to handle a range of viscosities and particulate sizes, the Lab HTST/UHT Processor is a valuable tool for product development, quality control, and research in the food and beverage industry. Whether used in educational institutions, research laboratories, or pilot plants, this processor offers a cost-effective solution for simulating industrial-scale production processes on a smaller scale.

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EasyReal Tech, a renowned high-tech company, is located in Shanghai, China. And specializes in developing and manufacturing Lab UHT processors. The company places a strong emphasis on cutting-edge innovation and holds prestigious certifications such as ISO9001, CE, and SGS, highlighting its unwavering commitment to quality and compliance. Besides, EasyReal Tech also obtained over 40 independent intellectual property rights. Lab UHT processors are tailored to meet the unique demands of research and development facilities, enabling scientists and engineers to advance crystallization technology and pioneer research in their respective fields.

One of the core of EasyReal's product range is the Lab UHT Process Plant, a sophisticated solution designed to enhance the sterilization of liquid food through ultra-high temperature treatment. This advanced technology extends the shelf life of liquid food products while preserving their essential nutritional properties and taste profiles. Widely adopted in the food industry, this technology is esteemed for its ability to effectively deactivate a range of microorganisms, ensuring the safety and integrity of the final food product. The Lab UHT processors from EasyReal Tech are also recognized for their reliability, user-friendly interface, robust construction, ease of operation, and low maintenance requirements, making them a valuable asset for food production facilities.

Notably, the LAB UHT/HTST PROCESSOR and the Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor from EasyReal provide adaptable solutions to meet various processing needs within the food and beverage sector. Whether optimizing formulations, conducting shelf-life studies, or evaluating product characteristics, these processors offer a dependable platform for researchers and developers to explore and refine their creations. Trusted by educational institutions, research laboratories, and pilot plants, EasyReal Tech's Lab UHT processors consistently deliver precise and reproducible processing conditions, fostering a culture of innovation and stringent quality control.


Process of Lab UHT Process Plant

Raw Material → LAB UHT/HTST PROCESSOR Feed hopper → Screw pump → Preheating Section → Upstream Homogenization → Sterilizing and Holding Section (85~150℃) →(Downstream Aseptic Homogenization, Optional) →Water Cooling Section→(Ice Water Cooling Section, Optional) →Aseptic Filling Cabinet.


1. Easy to operate, Modular Design

2. Independent German Siemens/Japan Omron control system.

3. Mini input quantity 3~5L

4. Inline CIP and SIP function.

5. Data collection easily.

6. With high accurate temperature control.

7. Good reproducibility.

8. Low labor, high automation control.

9. Lab UHT processors, Upstream/Downstream Aseptic Homogenizer, DSI module and Aseptic filling cabinet can be integrated.

Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor
can be intergrated in Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor
Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor


1. Fruit and Vegetable Juices

2. Fruit and Vegetable Puree

3. Dairy Products

4. Coffee & Tea Drinks

5. Seasonings

6. Additives

7. Soups & Sauce

8. Plant-based Milk

Available to Run a Trial with 3 Liters 

Lab UHT Process Plant, equipped with the latest technology, empowers researchers to conduct trials with minimal product volume, significantly reducing ingredient requirements, preparation, start-up, and processing time. In addition, its capability to facilitate multiple trials in a day enhances R&D productivity. With convenient access to heat exchangers, the Lab UHT Process Plant allows for swift modification of process configurations.

All manual controls are strategically positioned at the front of LAB UHT/HTST PROCESSOR for easy operation. Siemens touch screen, boasting high resolution, provides a comprehensive real-time overview of the process dynamics including temperature, flow, and pressure. Furthermore, the PLC guides operators through startup, processing, cleaning, and sterilization procedures, streamlining operations and ensuring precision.

Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor
Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor
Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor
Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor
Lab HTST/UHT Mini Processor

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