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The Lab scale plant completely simulates the industrial production in the laboratory. The functions are complete.the standard lab plant mainly contains 3 sections: sterilizer, Homo., and aseptic filler. We can supply complet processing plant as well as single machines or single function to meet your actual requirment.

It is widely used for taste test of new product, research of product formulation, formula update, evaluation of product color, test of shelf life, etc. It is designed to replicate industrial scale heat exchanger in the laboratory.

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The Lab scale plant is manufactured with advanced design and technologies to meet requirements from universities, institutes, enterprises’ R&D department for simulating industrial manufacture and research in laboratory.

In the laboratory of universities and institutes and enterprises’ R&D department, it is completely simulated the industrial production sterilization in the laboratory, used for taste test of new product, research of product formulation, formula update, evaluation of product color, test of shelf life , etc.

The lab scale plant is suitable for wide range of visidity, and can precisely mimic product preparation, homogenization, aging, pasteurism, fast sterilization under ultra-temperature.


Raw Material→Receiving hopper→screw pump→preheating section→(homogenizer, optional) →sterilizing and holding section (85~150℃)→water cooling section→(ice water cooling section, optional) →aseptic filling cabinet.

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UHT (1)
UHT (2)
UHT (3)


1. Independent control system, man-machine interface operation is adopted. The operation and state of the equipment are completed and displayed on the touch screen.

2. Completely simulates the industrial production sterilization in the laboratory.

3. Continuous processing with minimize product.

4. The sterilizer is integrated with the CIP and SIP function online, which can be configured homogeniser and aseptic filling cabinet on the needs.

5. All data can be printed, recorded, downloaded.

6. With high accuracy and good reproducibility, the trial result can be scale up to the industrial production.

7. Saving materials, energy and time for new product development and the rated capacity is 20 Liters per hour, and minimum batch is only 3 Liters.

8. Aseptic filling combinet with100 grades of depuration: The special design integrated with ultra-clean multi-stage air filtration system and ozone generator and ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the studio to sterilize the working room completely create and guarantee a continuously sterilized area in the cabinet.

9. It occupies a limited area.

10.Only electricity and water are required, the sterilizer is integrated with steam generator and refrigerator.

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