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Lab UHT/HTST Processing Line is ideal for researchers and labs that need maximum flexibility for product and process capabilities.  Lab UHT/HTST Processing Line can process products including juices, drinks, milk, milk drinks, soy milk, ice cream, yogurts, puddings, cheese sauces, custard and more (model dependent).

We specialize in lab UHT/HTST processing line, lab-scale UHT, modular lab UHT line and mobile lab UHT, and aseptic processes scaling up and scaling down.


Lab UHT/HTST Processing Line offers tremendous process flexibility and accurate simulation of commercial processes, allowing researchers to very quickly optimize product formulations and processing conditions before scaling up production trials. Additionally, avoiding production run breakdowns saves time and costs, making this Indirect Lab UHT/HTST Processing Lines a valuable research tool for every food and beverage R&D center.

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Thermal process simulation methods, techniques, and designs of Indirect Lab UHT/HTST Processing Lines correctly and easily recreate the entire manufacturing process. This enables our customers to rapidly develop products in the laboratory and introduce new products into production and ultimately the market. Our Lab UHT/HTST Processing Line enables our food industry customers to produce products faster, more accurately, safer, and at a lower cost than other methods.

Just like in production, the Lab UHT Unit uses our proprietary heat exchangers and designs to quickly heat, hold, and cool fluid products. Additionally, our inline homogenizers produce uniform and stable products. Finally, the researchers simulated a commercial aseptic filling machine by filling samples into pre-sterilized containers inside our ultra-clean filling hood. Together, these items form an easy-to-use, complete Lab UHT/HTST Processing Line that generates production-quality product samples directly in your lab.

Lab UHT/HTST Processing Line allows you to experiment with less than 3 liters of product, minimizing the amount of ingredients required and the time required for preparation, setup and processing. In addition, in the laboratory Lab UHT Unit allows you to conduct more tests in a day, thereby helping to improve R&D activities. Lab-scale UHT is also available in 20LPH, 50LPH, and 100LPH capacities.

Lab UHT/HTST Processing Line
Lab UHT/HTST Processing Line


1. Easy-to-use German Siemens/Japanese Omron control system

2. Quick and easy CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization

3. Accurate process simulation and product flexibility

4. Convenient laboratory bench enclosure

5. Convenient laboratory bench housing, hygienic design

6. Equipped with operating instructions, data collection and data recording

7. Lower labor and utility costs

8. Modular Lab UHT Line design, small footprint, easy to move and high flexibility

9. Equip with Inline homogenizer and aseptic filling cabinet


Shanghai EasyReal Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 2011, which specializing in manufacturing Lab equipment and Pilot Plant for fluid food and beverage and bioengineering, like Lab-scale UHT and Modular Lab UHT Line. We are committed to providing users with a full range of services from R&D to production. We have obtained CE certification, ISO9001 quality certification, SGS certification, and have 40+ independent intellectual property rights.

Relying on the technical research and new product development capabilities of the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, we provide lab and pilot equipment and technical services for beverage research and development. Reached strategic cooperation with German Stephan, Dutch OMVE, German RONO and other companies.

Lab UHT Processing Line-1
Lab UHT Processing Line-2
Lab UHT Processing Line-3


1. Plant-based milk and dairy products
2. Protein shakes and nutritional supplements
3. Yogurt
4. Gravy/cheese sauce
5. Tea Beverage
6. Coffee
7. Juice
8. Fruit puree
9. Fruit juice concentrate
10. Condiments and additives

Lab UHT Processing Line-13
Lab UHT Processing Line-12
Lab UHT Processing Line-11


The current market requires a variety of dairy and plant-based products, including milk, protein shakes, yogurt, ice cream and desserts, to maintain their quality over the long term.

Developing stable formulations for plant-based products can be challenging due to the diverse sources of botanical ingredients. This poses a significant obstacle for raw material and finished product manufacturers to achieve consistent product performance after heat treatment.

In particular, Lab UHT Processing and online homogenization play a vital role in maintaining the nutritional value, flavor and texture of carefully formulated dairy products during various thermal processes. Likewise, there is a growing need to create stable formulations for plant-based products.

To address this challenge, From Lab-scale UHT, Modular Lab UHT Line and Indirect Lab UHT/HTST Processing Lines enable developers to accurately process new formulations and seamlessly transition them from the laboratory to full production. This highly effective solution allows for quick and easy scaling of innovative plant-based product formulations.

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