Lab Small Scale Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine

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This equipment is a four-in-one machine for cooling, carbonation, filling and capping. It is an advanced filling equipment innovatively developed by our company on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and according to the requirements of the filling process of aerated drinks.

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This equipment mainly used in beer, milk, juice, coffee, tea drinks, carbonated drinks and other products.

It is composed of small carbonator and filler. Users can obtain precise, repeatable parameters when carbonating, which can greatly increase the speed of new product development.

It is very easy to install and use, equipped with touch screen and automatic cleaning system; Compact structure, safe operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. 

Features & Technical Parameters

Covers less than 1 square meter, equipped with four universal wheels for flexible movement.

Equipped with chilled water unit, can work directly by connecting carbon dioxide, compressed air, electricity and water.

Accurately control CO2 content and filling amount

15L processing cylinder, batch type, can process at least 5L

Equipped with 2 sets of filling molds, which can be used for glass bottles and PET bottles, tin cans (need to be customized), equipped with crown capper of glass bottle

Suitable for 0.35~2.0 liters bottles

  Filling pressure 0~3Bar (can be set)

Content of CO2 : max 10g/L

Touch screen control

Easy repeatability test

Flexible and accurate operation

System can automatically set/operate series of parameters

Can be used to carbonate easily foamable products.

Adopt two steps cooling to reduce CO2 loss during filling

Carbonation temperature range: 2~20 ℃

Pre-mixing and post-mixing

CIP Function

Material contact with products: Stainless steel 316L 

Power: 220V 1.5KW 50HZ

Dimension is around: 1100x870x1660mm

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