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Carrot Processing Line mainly can get two types products: juice, puree.

The main process of carrot processing line includes washing, sorting, precooking/blanching, peeling, crushing, preheating:

For producing carrot juice (concentrated juice): to juice extracting section, (evaporation), sterilizing and filling system.

For producing carrot puree (concentrated puree): to pulping, (evaporation), sterilizing, filling system.

Shanghai EasyReal can supply Turnkey solution of carrot processing line from A to Z according to customers’ specific requirement to get different products such as: juice, concentrated juice, puree, concentrated puree, baby carrot puree, etc. Carrot processing line can also process vegetable which has characters similar to carrot. (For example, beetroot.)

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As we continue to improve and develop, EasyReal Tech. always designs different carrot processing production lines for different customers in line with the high standards of the European Union. The following is a brief introduction to the main processes. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.


It is usually cleaned in two steps. First, the soil on the surface of the carrots is removed, and then a second cleaning is performed to ensure that the carrots entering the subsequent sections meet production needs. If the raw material is pre-washed carrot, it’s enough to adopt once cleaning.


Pick out unqualified carrots and debris (weeds, twigs, etc.) that have not been removed during the cleaning process. Due to not too much dirt to remove here, so this step is normally completed on mesh belt conveyor by manual.

Precooking/Blanching and Peeling:
Mainly used for soften surface of carrot to make peeling and pulping more available. Continuous precooking machine mainly adopts hot water to process carrot and soften its surface. Then peeling it easily. Continuous blanching machine adopts steam to contact with carrot directly and scald carrot’s surface to a death of 1~2mm. This way is high efficiency, high peeling rate and less material loss rate. At the same time, the cost of related blanching machines is much higher than that of pre-cooking equipment. Therefore, considering the overall cost performance, we usually recommend customers to use pre-cooking machines.

Crushing and Preheating;

Peeled carrot has to be crushed before entering to preheater. EasyReal’s hammer crusher adopts Italian technology, adopts high quality SUS304 as main structure, 1470rpm rotating speed can get better cutting effect. The crushed carrots need to be heated in tube-in-tube type preheater to soften the fibers and to get consequently the maximum juice/pulp yield.

Juice Extracting

For making juice, the belt presser is ideal extracting machine for choice. The clients can decide to use one or two units belt presser to squeeze juice once or twice according to their actual needs.

Pulping :

EasyReal’s Pulping and refining machine can be customized according to clients’ requirements. The diameter of pulping machine’s screen aperture can be chosen combined with actual situation. First stage can be φ1.2mm, second stage can be φ0.8mm or φ0.6mm. The rotating speed is 1470rpm, can guarantee the good pulping effect. For making pulping machine work more stable and safety, we also adopt heavy duty design platform. Our pulping and refining machine adopt Italian technology and confirm to Euro-standard. And it can be supplicated to processing many types fruits and vegetables, such as apple, pear, berry, pumpkin, etc.


For concentrated juice, falling film type evaporator will be necessary. Double-effect type, triple-effect, etc, are available for your choice.

For concentrated pulp/puree, forced circulation type evaporator needs to be equipped according to actual production needs.

Both of them will equip with online Online refractometer to monitor if the brix of concentrate has reached to production need, then feedback signal to control system and control it discharge automatically to realize automatic production.


Juice products need to adopt tubular type sterilizer for sterilization. Puree products need to adopt Tube-in-tube type sterilizer due to its specific character- high viscosity. EasyReal can also supply plate type sterilizer for low viscosity products.

Filling section:

Natural/concentrated juice or puree can be filled in aseptic bag in drum or bag in box. EasyReal’s patent product-Aseptic bag filler can work well here. If the clients do blending after juice extracting/pulping and then choose to fill products into small packages(Tin can, glass bottle, plastic bottle, pouch, etc.), EasyReal can equip corresponding filling section to meet production requirements.

Control system of the whole line:

EasyReal’s standard configuration of control system is as followed:

IP54 protection grade, Germany Siemens PLC, Germany Siemens Touch Screen, Denmark Danfoss frequency convertor, France Schneider Low-voltage apparatus, France Schneider Intermediate relay, China Taiwan Airtac Pneumatic element, Frequency converter, Switzerland ABB button and switch, etc.

As the brain of the whole line, control system has to be high quality, high stability, safety enough. All brands and related models are selected based on our years of experience. In order to meet the different needs of different customers, we have been making continuous progress and improving process configurations to achieve the purpose of providing customers with the best solutions.

carrot puree processing line
Carrot processing machine
Carrot pulp machine


1. Carrot pulp/puree

2. Carrot concentrated pulp/puree

3. Carrot juice/concentrated juice

4. Carrot concentrated juice

5. Carrot beverage

carrot puree making machine
carrot juice making machine
Carrot Juice machine
carrot puree machine


1. Main structure of carrot juice/ pulp production line is SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel.

2. Key links of carrot puree production line adopt international famous brand.

3.Energy saving and convenient operation implement the design of the entire solution

4. Combined Italian technology and conform to Euro-standard.

5. For reducing the flavor substances and nutrient losses adopts Low-temperature vacuum evaporation.

6. Independent Siemens control system is available for reducing labor and controlling automatically.

7. High productivity, flexible production, Automation degree can be customized

carrot processing line
Carrot processing line
carrot processing machine

More Relevant Configuration

Carrot processing line
carrot juice processing line
Carrot puree making machine
carrot puree processing line

Company Introduction

Shanghai EasyReal Machinery Co., Ltd, established in 2011, specializing in manufacturing fruit and vegetable processing lines, such carrot processing line, carrot juice production line and carrot puree production line . We focus on providing users with a full range of services from R&D to industrial production. Till now we have obtained CE certification, ISO9001 quality certification, SGS certification, and have 40+ independent intellectual property rights.

Thanks to our much experience 300+ whole customized turn-key solution of fruits and vegetables with a daily capacity from 1 to 1000 tons with international developed process with high-cost performance.The company's products have been highly praised  by well-known large companies such as Yili Group, Ting Hsin Group, Uni-President Enterprise, New Hope Group, Pepsi, Myday Dairy, etc.

Carrot processing equipment
carrot processing plant
carrot puree production machine

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